Morpeth Cricket, Hockey & Tennis Club AGM

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 10:17

Following our meeting in Spring 2017 we had set up a Development Group to look at how we could move the Club finances forward – this is the extract from the last meeting.

Various suggestions have been put forward and we want to put this forward to the members so that you can give you views.

We see that the sections run themselves and generate their own income to make sure that their sport can be played – but the main Clubhouse and the facilities are obviously needing the support of all sections for them to run.  Therefore, we propose that the sections are charged a rental for these facilities and then the Main Club has 3 primary functions

To manage the operation of the Clubhouse – as it does at the moment but hopefully made easier as there would be a regular source of income coming in from the four sections

To seek assurance from the four sections that they are fulfilling their responsibilities in terms of maintaining and running the sports facilities, and generating the agreed income levels

To look to the future by developing a longer term strategy of maintenance, repair and renewal that maximise additional income from the Clubhouse that hopefully allows the building of a development fund, potentially via the trustees portfolio of investments

The amount that each section would contribute would be fixed, based on facilities used, size of membership and Club usage – and agreed by the representatives on management.

We intend to have an AGM in February to agree the new constitutional set up of the Club and adjust the Club constitution accordingly.  The detail of final proposals will come to the membership prior to this so that you have opportunity to discuss this with your Management representatives and ask questions.

The AGM will also be a social evening – 23 February 2018 – so please note in your diary.  More detail to follow.