Morpeth Hockey Club




Morpeth HC adopts England Hockey's Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy and works in accordance with the following statement:

Morpeth HC is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all young people involved in hockey.  It accepts its responsibility to help safeguard the welfare of all young people and protect them from poor practice, abuse and bullying.

Every individual and organisation within the Hockey Family has a role and responsibility to help ensure the safety and welfare of young people. The Hockey Family is defined below.

Morpeth HC as a provider of opportunities for young people in hockey accepts that we are required to fulfil our duty of care which means that we must do everything that can be reasonably expected of us to help safeguard and protect young people from any reasonably foreseeable harm.


Hockey Family all individuals, clubs, associations, and other organisations involved in any capacity in the game of hockey, and whether or not members of England Hockey.  For the avoidance of doubt, this includes all players and anyone working within hockey (in a paid or voluntary capacity, and whether as an employee or on a self-employed or other work basis) including all coaches, umpires, referees and other officials.

Clubs First

ClubsFirst is the England Hockey accreditation scheme for clubs. It is a national recognition of clubs that can demonstrate that they are working towards minimum operating standards. All clubs achieving ClubsFirst also achieve the Sport England Clubmark accreditation, a nationally recognised award for sports clubs.

Clubs achieving the ClubsFirst award are recognised as working towards providing a Safe, Effective and Child Friendly hockey Environment. They also receive the CLUBMARK award. County Sports Partnerships and Funding agencies are increasingly recognising these clubs and choosing to work with them as a priority. There are also a range of benefits, priority bookings and other services available to ClubsFirst clubs.

Equity Policy

Statement of Intention

Morpeth HC is committed to the principles of equality of opportunity.  Morpeth HC aims to ensure that all people, irrespective of age, gender, ability, race, religion, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status or sexual orientation have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in hockey at all levels and in all roles.  This includes all members and spectators.

Morpeth HC shall

Ensure that there will be open access to all its services.

Eliminate prejudice against any group by removing barriers.

Select and train all members of Morpeth HC solely on the basis of merit & ability and by adapting facilities and equipment where necessary and reasonably possible.

Communicate to all members its commitment to equal opportunities

Fulfil its social responsibility to all members ensuring that appropriate support is given.

Make every reasonable effort to prepare and produce materials that are appropriate for all persons in respect of language, format and approach.

Modify any existing rules and regulations that may inhibit the inclusion of any groups, provided this does not result in the deterioration of equality required by the EH.

Morpeth HC recognises its legal obligations and will take account of:

Equal Pay Act 1970

Rehabilitation of Offenders 1974

Sex Discrimination Act 1975, 1986, 1999

Race Relations Act 1976

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Human Rights Act 2000

or any subsequent amendments or re-enactments thereof.

A Parents Guide


The Club will ensure the following at U18 and Harper League fixtures:

The Junior Head Coach will:

     Travel to fixtures when available

     Have copies of membership forms with all contact/medical details

     In the event of another club member taking the team, will pass on the relevant information in a folder with names of those with specific medical information highlighted on the front.

If a junior member is selected for a senior team, the club will ensure the following:

     The Junior Head Coach is informed and agrees to their suitability

     When appropriate the Junior Head Coach will accompany the junior member/s to supervise the play.

     Information regarding the junior member/s will be passed on in a folder. Names of those with specific medical information will be      highlighted on the front of the folder.

Parents - A Club Guide

Most parents want their children to enjoy the sports of their choice.  These guidelines provide you with key information of what you can expect from Morpeth Hockey Club and what the Club expects from you and your child.

What can we expect from the club?

     A friendly welcome, an opportunity to meet new friends play and watch hockey

     Opportunities for your child to have fun and develop their game as much as they want to

     A safe environment

     Qualified coaches and responsible volunteers

     Relationships based on trust, honesty and respect where your child is valued and listened to

     Your child's welfare and safety is paramount

     Club members will recognise your child's rights, whatever your age, gender, culture, ability, language, religious belief, racial origin, and/or sexual identity

     Opportunities for you to get involved in the club

     Safeguarding and Protecting Young People / Child Protection Policy and Complaints Policy are available for you on request

     Clear lines of communication with you about your child, fixtures, training and events     

What do the club expect from my child?

There is a guide for young people which details the club's expectations which include:

     fair play

     listening to the coaches

     adhere to the young people's code of conduct

     adhere to the rules of the game and rules of the club

What do the club expect from me?

The club may expect you to….

     stay with your son/daughter when they are at the club

     ensure that your son/daughter is dropped off and picked up promptly from the club and matches

     contact the club if you are running late to collect your child

     adhere to the rules of the club

     adhere to the codes of conduct within the club, in particular the Parents Code of Conduct

     accept the guidance that coaches provide and umpire's decisions within matches

     use correct language at all times

     stay off the pitch during training and matches

     never force your child to participate

     provide emergency contact details and any relevant information about your child including medical history.

The Club would like you to…

     become involved in the club as much as possible.  This provides your child with the support to enjoy their hockey

     support the coaches by ensuring your child enjoys their hockey and plays within the rules of the game

     encourage fair play

     encourage your child to recognise good performance, not just results

Morpeth Hockey Club is committed to providing a safe, fun and child friendly environment for all their players and has the following policies and procedures in place:

     All Coaches are qualified to the appropriate level

     The ratio of adults to young people complies with EH guidance

     The club has clear codes of conduct stating expected behaviour of members, players and coaches

     The club has guidance notes on how to deal with an incident or accident

     Qualified First Aiders are in attendance at all junior coaching sessions and matches

     A fully stocked First Aid kit is available at all junior coaching sessions and matches

     The club has adopted the England Hockey child protection policy

     The club's has a policy on screening and CRB checking adults working with young people via England Hockey

     The club has appointed a Welfare Officer

All players must complete a registration form that includes emergency contact number and any medical information. Please note that this  information is stored on a password-protected database.


It is part of the hockey philosophy that you are involved in your child's interest.  Please ensure that you build a relationship with the coach and support the club by completing all paperwork required.

Communication is two way and if you have any questions or concerns about your child's participation in hockey please talk to his/her coach.

Please check the notice board at the clubhouse and the club handbook, which is given to all players for further details of the club rules and code of conduct.

Club Welfare Officer and Junior Coordinator:

Lyn Watkins (01670 829107 (h) 07810 562116 (m)