Mens 3rds vs Sunderland 2

19 November 2023 | Yuri Mohylnytsky-Ingham
Mens 3rds vs Sunderland 2

Morpeth 3s returned to Raich Carter for the 2nd time this season.

There was high hopes of repeating the 4-2 win at the start of the season.

Morpeth turned up with a full squad of 16, albeit with 6 juniors, with Frankie grabbing a debut to be proud of.

New club member Rob also grabbed his debut for the Green and Gold.

The game started pretty evenly with both teams playing good hockey, with the majority of the half being end to end action. Morpeths defence stood firm with a few scares, but it was always Morpeth who was looking to go ahead first.

With Morpeth relentlessly knocking at Sunderlands doors, the ball was eventually squeezed through the defence to Max, only having the keeper infront to beat.

With a huge swing and a fantastic follow through.... the ball remained bouncing towards the keeper, Max had sent an imaginary ball into orbit.

Out of nowhere, El Capitan came flying through, pounced on the loose ball and firmly slotted the ball into the bottom left corner. Cheers and applause was met with a firm whistle, only for Maxs golf swing to be penalised and the goal chalked off.

Half time 0-0

The captains halftime team talk emphasised on keeping formation, playing to the whistle, not arguing with the umpires and keeping an eye on 2 problematic opposition players.

About 15 minutes into the 2nd half, El Capitan decided to ignore his own advice and was giving his 5 minute marching orders having interlocked sticks with the opposition and being a little heavy handed in setting his stick free. 

This was the start of Morpeths downfall, just a minute later, Sunderland was awarded a short. What a crazy 10 seconds; Marc was called into action having to make an incredible double save, with the 2nd save richoceting off the crossbar, multiple defenders stopping the ball crossing the line and finally clearing the ball, only for Sunderland to be awarded a 2nd short.

This time round, one of the problematic Sunderland players waltzed around 3 defenders and slotted the ball into the bottom left corner. A goal to be admired by both teams and spectators.

Sunderland were keen to extend their lead against a surprised and slightly disheartened Morpeth side, resulting in over stretching their midfield. Once again Morpeth were hounding the oppositions D, with worming runs by David, Yuri, Cory and Max; the midfield feeding them with cracking balls, but Morpeth simply couldn't hit the backboard.

Another 2 minute marching order was given to David for somehow flooring an opposition at least 4 times his age.

It could be said that Yuri 'got it wrong' and as a result Morpeth dropped all 3 points for the first time this season.

Full time Sunderland 1-0 Morpeth

MoM: David

DoD: Yuri

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